Tumors (of Nervous System)

Intracranial solid neoplasm or brain tumors in the brain or nervous system, when discovered early are usually treatable. There are many types, categorized by their location, the types of cells and the rate at which they are growing. Tumors may be benign (not spreading) or malignant (cancerous and spreading).

Brain Tumor

  • Brain Stem Glioma – most common and most difficult to treat – rapid onset and worsening of symptoms. Signs include vision problems, turning in of eyeball, eyelid drooping, difficulties in swallowing, speaking and/or walking.

  • Midbrain tumor – similar eye problems as brain stem tumors, but cause by increased pressure in the skull caused by a blockage of cerebrospinal fluid.

  • Tumor of the medulla – evidenced by difficulties in swallowing and weakness in the extremities.

Central Nervous System Tumor

Spinal cord tumors are much rarer than brain tumors.
Treatments typically includes surgery and radiation. These techniques are limited to their ability to destroy or affect tumor tissues whilst limiting damage to brain or CNS functionality.

Source: www.wikipedia.org